A Review of Milf Play

At some point in life, every guy wants to date a milf. There are many reasons why mature women attract men a lot, one of them that tops them all is, experience. Milfs have spent years dating different men and they have so much experience with flirting and sex that a young woman simply can’t rival them.

And let’s face it, this site is about men who have money to spend on women, but there are actually women out there who have money to spend on men…..younger men.  We call them “Cougars.”  (Refer to this earlier entry.)

But here’s the thing, milfs and sexy older women are not easily found anywhere. They have a well-established life and a lifestyle. They are typically interested in younger guys but do not hang in places like bars and clubs. If you were to find them, you would have to search in very different places.

If you are struggling to find milfs, then you are probably looking for them at the wrong places. You see, the busy lives these women live doesn’t give them enough time to come out from their daily routine. But since they are looking for men to have fun with, they are usually available on dating sites.

Adult dating sites have really changed the way we find and hook up with people. And some sites are dedicated to providing you with access to hundreds of profiles of hot milfs. One of these sites that we recently came across was Milfplay.

hot milfs

If every Mom looked like this, what a world it would be.

We were hearing a lot of good things about the site so we decided to give it a shot. Here’s what we found out.

First-Hand Experience with Milfplay

As always, before reviewing a dating site, we always try out the site as a free member. And as always, when it comes to dating sites, there isn’t much offered to free members. The same can be said for Milfplay. Unfortunately, you won’t really be able to do on the site unless you become a fully paid member. But the good news is that they have a 2-day trial membership which is an ideal package to check the site out.

As a free member, we went through the same deal we go through on any other sites. We received several messages from chatbots, and upon trying to respond to their messages, we were taken to the registration page with the following subscription packages.

  • Two-Day Trial: $2.48.
  • Seven-Day Trial: $9.95.
  • One-Month Membership: $34.95 a month.
  • Six-Month Membership: $11.65 a month.
  • Twelve-Month Membership: $6.67 a month.

For this review purpose, we took the two-day trial which got us access to all the features of the site.

Features of Milfplay

Speaking of features, Milfplay actually does have a good set of features. Here’s what you’ll be able to access once you become a member.

Video chat

Surprisingly, Milfplay is one of the only few adult dating websites that give you access to video chat. You can start a webcam session with any woman on the site. If they too have a webcam, both of you can enjoy a video chat session just as you would on a mobile phone application.

Live Web Cams

If you’re not having good luck with finding and dating women on the site, there is always cybersex to save the day. As with all other dating websites out there, Milfplay has a dedicated live webcam area where milfs go online from time to time offering private cyber sex shows. Just keep in mind that if you are going for a private show, you may have to pay extra to the girl.

Galleries Section

Apart from searching for profiles on your home page, there is a gallery section which has tons of photos from various members on the site. This is kind of like Instagram for adults. Find photos of women and if you like a photo, you can access the profile of the woman and talk to her.

Search Options

The search options of Milfplay is perhaps its strongest feature. There are so many filtering options through the advanced search that you can easily find a person you are looking for.

For example, if you have a sexual preference in mind, you can search for a member with a certain preference. There is also an option allowing you to search using gender options. You can also search women on the site using the ‘age’ filter. If you are particularly looking for a woman that falls under a certain age range, this option is the best there is.

Next off, you can also conduct a search on the site using location preferences. You can either let the site detect your location automatically, or you can pick a location from the menu and let the site know where you want to look for milfs. You can search by country, state, and city.

Another great search filter on the site is physical appearance. When you become a member, you can add a lot of individual information about your appearance. In the search options, you can search for women by their eye color, height, hair, and much more.

And if you’re looking for women who are professionals, or businesswomen, you can always use the profession search filter to look for these. There’s even an income filter! This is a useful search filter for women who are looking for rich men.

Then finally, there is the compatibility search field. If you speak a language other than English, then you should definitely experiment with this filter. It’ll help you find milfs that are compatible with your personality.


Milfplay is worth your coin if you are looking for milfs to date. There are plenty of women here who are willing to spend some fun time with young men. But as with any other dating website, Milfplay has intense competition. Don’t expect to sign up and find a woman in just a few minutes. It’ll take some effort on your side. You may have to build a very good profile and have a good understanding of how to get milfs to talk to you.

But if you were having trouble finding milfs, this is the place where you’ll find plenty of them.

Dating Websites To Consider In The New Year

It’s going to be a new year soon and if you’re single, then you are going to want to put forth some effort into meeting people in 2018. That said, you’ll want to consider joining some new dating sites in order to help improve your chances of doing so. I’ve spent a lot of time and money using all that sites listed below.

While I’ve moved on to others, I’d like to consider those listed below as the best for the typical single man to consider using. Keep in mind that I do not use any of those free sites (like POF) that have tons of tire kickers on them. Instead, I focus on using sites that help connect people to hook up and that’s it. Here’s what you need to know and why I suggest each of them.

best dating sites of 2018

Dating Sites I Suggest Joining In 2018

I like to give credit when credit is due. Which is exactly why I also suggest that you consider this adult dating website list 2018 for all your sex-related dating suggestions. But first, here’s my personal list which I’ve kind of taken from the list mentioned above. But be sure to put forth time to read my personal snippets on each below…

Bumble App – I LOVE this app because it puts the women in the driver’s seat. Bumble has landed me more hookups than most and it’s one that you must try come 2018 if you haven’t already.

AFF.com – You’ll notice that AFF.com is listed on just about any adult dating top list because it’s just that good. Having spent years meeting lonely single women looking for sex, this site just works like a charm.

Snapchat – I know this one isn’t really a dating site, but it’s one that I’ve used so many times just to hookup. All it takes is a simple snap or two and you’re in the running for connecting with one of these lonely hungry Snapchat girls. I’ve been able to successfully set up a date just by sending snaps back and forth. No lie.

Tinder – If you’re not one of the millions that have taken the time to Tinder, then you’re crazy. I like meeting single women using this dating app and its one that’s so easy to use it’s unreal. Whether you’re a millennial or an older lady looking to mingle because you’re single, then it’s for you.

Instabang – By far the best of the best when it comes to banging girls is Instabang. I’ve been able to bag more hot locals in my day using this site than almost any other and it’s been consecutively reliable year after year. That’s all I’m saying and you’ll want to try it out in 2018 if you dare.

Are there others? SURE. There are plenty of other sites out there to consider, but those listed above work for me, so give them a try and see what comes of it.

If you’re overwhelmed, then my suggestion would be to just try one out at a time. Don’t dive in head first into all of them. That can get quite confusing if you do. However, take the simple approach and just do one thing at a time and you’ll be fine! Another thing you should think about doing come 2018 is getting yourself in better shape, but that’s a whole other can of worms!

Guide to Finding Sites Where You Can Date Sugar Babies

The best way to find a sugar baby or a sugar daddy is websites.  I talked about what sugar daddy dating is quite a while ago.  You can reference that post here.

Recently, I found a perfect site that goes into great detail about where to find them online.  Click here to visit the home page and to find more detailed information I found very useful in my own quest to find sugar babies online!

Best Sites to Meet Sugar Babies

A sugar daddy is a man who is financially well-off, not so young anymore, and wants to enjoy the company of and pamper young women. A sugar baby is the term for those ambitious young and attractive women who let these rich older men enjoy their company in return for money or expensive gifts so that they can get pampered and enjoy the finer things in life.


  • SugarSugar.com: This website was created in 2005, and is designed in a very stylish neat way. SugarSugar claims to be “The world’s most effective and discreet place for finding Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationships.” It is a great website for young stylish women and rich older men to find a match for a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • SeekingArrangement.com: One of the most famous sugar dating websites, SeekingArrangement has more than three million members of which more than two million are sugar babies and the rest being sugar daddies and sugar mommas. The site has been well designed and promoted, and is a great website to be able to find and choose the sugar baby that you want, with the vast amount of sugar babies to choose from. SeekingArrangement is also famous for the tragedy of Google’s senior executive Tichelman-Hayes.
  • SugarDaddie.com: This website came to fruition in 2002 and claims to be the first ever sugar daddy site in the world. It is free to be able to post a dating profile at this website, but to access the full profiles of the members and access the e-mail across the site, you have to upgrade for a small fee.
  • SugarDaddyMeet.com: Created in 2007, this website offers sugar babies to choose from a vast amount of sugar daddies as only about a quarter of its members are sugar babies while the rest of the three quarters of its members are sugar daddies. SugarDaddyMeet verifies the identities and profiles of all its members to maintain a safe community without chances of fraud and members can also choose who can view their profile so they have a sense of privacy as well. It is one of the most effective websites for sugar babies that are looking to find a suitable sugar daddy for themselves.

If more sites come to mind, please leave a comment below and I’ll gladly check them out and add them to the list!

A Spinoff of Facebook for Horny Adults?

Guys with a few bucks in their pocket (that’s you!) – listen up! 

I have a new website I’d like to tell you about.  After reading about it here, I thought this was a site you may want to know about.  In the past, I’ve talked about dating older women.  Today, I think this is more for the “freaky” guys than anything, but who knows, maybe even the most “Even Steven’s” of the bunch will enjoy reading about this new concept of Internet dating.

We have all been known to Facebook for quite some time now but has anyone heard of Fuck Book? Well if you haven’t, you are definitely in for a treat. Fuck Book is a social networking site dedicated to satisfy your real needs and wants. Unlike Facebook, this social networking site is more of a real deal as it calls for actual action.

What Is Fuck Book?

In simple terms, Fuck Book allows you to interact with the hottest singles in your vicinity.

Being an adult dating site, the main purpose of Fuck Book is to allow people to meet their future partners and get intimate with them in a few single steps. There are no gimmicks involved as those who sign up on the website are all those who are looking for hot intimate relationships.

If you have been spending a lot of time on Facebook in attempts to find a person of your choice, you no longer have to waste your time as this social networking and dating site is the best choice for getting casual sex.

How Does It Work?

What makes the social networking site extremely effective is its unique social integration feature. The website has customized search engines that let you find a person who is close by rather than finding one from a pool of people across the globe. You don’t have to do much in order to get it going at Fuck Book as the website will do everything for you. All you need to do on your part is to get a free account, register, put up a profile picture and get started.

Unlike Facebook where you have to first pretend to be friends with the person, Fuck Book gets down to business. You will no longer have to hide your true desires on this social networking site as it talks action not words.

Important Considerations

There are a few important considerations that must be kept in mind when signing up and using Fuck Book. The first thing is to not spam on the site. The website strictly prohibits marketing of personal products and someone who signs up for this purpose will be kicked out. Moreover, the website also regards privacy and spamming in high regards. The website also doesn’t permit discrimination of any sort and disapproves harassment, bullying and insults. Anyone who is found doing it will be penalized.