Flipping the Script – A Cougar Life Review

Most men out there reading this site want to find younger women.

That’s fine, and most would say it’s normal.

But what about the men, financially sound or not – that want an OLDER WOMAN?

These women, as many are now calling them, are called COUGARS.

A cougar is a somewhat less derogatory name when compared to the opposition – a MILF.

But, when you look around, many younger men get off on finding an older women to hook up with.

There’s one place we’ve been looking at all the time that has all the tell tale signs of being the perfect place for “cubs” to find cougars.  In simple terms, a place where younger men find older women.

That place, is Cougarlife.com.

The site was started by Claudia Opdenkelder, who is making a TON of money from the site.  She also has very lavish commercials that are in your face!  Honestly, they are quite hilarious.

So men, if you are looking for ladies of the older variety, check it out.  You can sign up for a nominal fee, and have access to all the horny older women you desire!

Oh, and ladies, if you sign up for this website, make sure you are ready to party, because the younger studs who join this site certainly aren’t going to be allowing anyone to go to bed after the early bird special.

While this may not be the only site in the cougar dating space, it’s certainly the most popular, most trafficked, and most well known.  Check out the video below to see one of their zany advertisements playing on Tv.

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